Word of the Day: Ghingheri

Dressed to the nines, that’s what today’s Word of the Day means. In other words, dressed in a very fancy way. Depending on how you use the phrase, it can also mean being overdressed.

Gingheri is always used with the verbs ‘essere in’ or ‘mettersi in,’ to be in, or to put yourself in, respectively. From what I can understand, ghingheri is an adjective mutated from the verb agghinghare, mutated from the verb abbigliare, or to dress, to clothe. Apparently, Tuscans used ‘essere in ghingheri‘ as a synonym to ‘essere in gala,’ AKA, all dressed up.

‘Ti sei messo in ghingheri per questa festa?!’ – You got all dressed up for this party?!

‘Guglielmo è tutto in ghingheri stasera.’ – Guglielmo is dressed very fancy tonight.

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