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Rome on Wheels: Italy Segway tours

By YiR contributor: Sharon Moran


I hadn’t been on a Segway tour before now for two reasons, firstly I was nervous about battling the manic streets of Rome and second Segways just seemed too ‘touristy’. However, having recently done a tour with Italy Segway Tours I’ve been converted.

The first thing that won me over was their Rome Segway Night Tour option. I arrived at the meeting point by Piazza Venezia just as the sun was blazing its last rays. I brought another Irish friend along and while we were kitted out with in-ear headphones and orange safety jackets we debated about which of us would fall off in a spectacular lack of gracefulness and who would be taken out by some Italian loon with road rage.

We were going to do an extensive tour of the city through the winding streets hitting the main sights in the huddled centre such as The Pantheon, Piazza Navona and The Spanish Steps. This tour would have been impossible on a Segway during the day with the heaving crowds. (They also do a great day tour of the infamous Colosseum and Imperial Rome).

Our tour leader Alessandra was sweet and bubbly but commanding with safety instructions so we knew we were in good hands. We received individual attention when learning how to use the machine and were given practice time in a parking area beforehand, like kids on our first bikes. My fears of falling vanished when I felt how smooth and self-balancing the Segway was and I was soon zipping around on my new toy.

segway tour 1


Once we were all ready we headed towards our first challenge, crossing the ever-chaotic Piazza Venezia. With Alessandra acutely checking and guiding us on her microphone it was a cinch. We were soon happily gliding through the picturesque palazzi of the centre towards the Pantheon. We stopped several times to enjoy the sites and to watch tailor-made DVDs which gave historical background, while Alessandra gave us restaurant tips and answered our questions. You can also pay a little extra to have a guide give you the information in person instead of the DVD.

Although I’ve lived in the city a while I learned about a couple of new places that I can’t wait to revisit. Overall the tour was two and a half hours long, which flew by as the Segway is so enjoyable. I even won a race near Piazza Navona! Segway tours allow you to see so much without the usual fatigue that comes with sightseeing. A must do for a unique fun experience for all ages in Rome.

segway tour 2


Italy Segway Tours

Via Sant’Eufemia, 15

+39 055 239 8855



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