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Blurred boundaries: a book review of Loreena’s Gift

Sometimes you need to read a book that’s both a good read and also a thoughtful meditation on life, death, love, and what happens (or doesn’t happen) after those three things. Enter Loreena’s Gift, an imaginative fiction read that will keep you guessing, sighing, and thinking about the Big Questions.


In a tiny tucked-away town lives Loreena, a young blind girl who is a dutiful niece and a talented piano player. She also has a secret that she learned about the hard way: the touch of her hands kills people. Her uncle, a reverend, sees as a gift what she considers a curse, and so Loreena occasionally finds herself ‘helping’ the terminally ill of the reverend’s flock into the unknown. You see, during the moments when she is accompanying the dead into whatever is next… she can see.

You see how this might pose a bit of a dilemma. And of course, that’s not all there is to this tale woven by Ms. Story. Mysterious characters with questionable motives enter Loreena’s existence, and then of course there’s her long-lost brother, who comes crashing back into her life with an entire slew of criminals. And the rest?

That’s for you guys to read! You can buy the books at the link below, or enter this awesome giveaway (open internationally) for a chance to win a signed copy of your very own!

Buy the Book:  Amazon  ~  Barnes & Noble  ~  Book Depository  ~  Chapters Indigo

Happy reading, YiR-ers!

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