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Name change! Young in Rome becomes Which Way to Rome

In which we are brave and dive into rebranding, among other things

2018 is gonna be a big year, I can feel it in my bones. A year of excitement and brand-new adventures (big ones, little ones, in-between ones) and, most definitely, the year of stepping up and doing those things you’ve wanted to have happen forever but were always just a little bit too shy of doing.

This year we’re going to do all of those things.

In April, my debut novel is coming out. More on that later, but it’s the most exciting step I’ve ever taken. It’s what I’ve always wanted, since I was a tiny kid speeding around Rome on my tricycle. And it’s given me courage. To do the other, writing-related things I’ve had on my mind for a long time, the things I put off because work takes up too much time, or I’ll do it sometime soon, or I was just worried about how big changes would be received.

I’m not doing it sometime soon! I’m doing it now! Right now!

So, first things first: I’m re-branding the blog, because it needs a bit of new life too. First off, the name will be changing from Young in Rome to (drumroll please) Which Way to Rome. Don’t worry, the content from Young in Rome will be coming to the new blog, so you’ll still be able to find all the info from years past! I’ll be switching over the blog social media in the next few days, so Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will all soon be moved from @younginrome to @whichwaytorome. Then, in the next couple of months, the blog will be migrated (the amazing graphic designer I’m working with on this, Katerina Miras, will be making sure all followers are migrated over, so no worries!) and the new site will launch: still focused on Rome and Italy, but with a new look, new flair. Clean and captivating. I realize I’m making this sound like a ball gown instead of a blog but, you guys, I’m so excited.

Which Way to Rome will be a notebook for the Eternal City, stepping up the local recommendations and advice but also focusing on pictures and storytelling to help you immerse yourself fully in Roma, la citta’ eterna. WWR (instead of YiR, see what I did there? Eh?) will be your source to navigating Italy’s capital, and it will also be home base for the new book, which is a multi-generational journey throughout Italy that I cannot wait to share with you all. But that’s another post.

I’ll be keeping the e-mail address younginrome@gmail.com if you want to keep writing to me there, but as of now I’ll also be available at whichwaytorome@gmail.com. As always, I want to hear your thoughts. Because at the end of the day, we’re doin’ this together. And I can’t imagine it without you!

Here’s to the new year: not changing ourselves, because we are fantastic and strong, but expanding, opening, listening to the voice within. Here’s to our growth. Cin cin!


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